We offer four funeral options - the 'Traditional', 'Standard' and 'Budget' funerals, as well as 'Direct Cremation'.

Read more about our Traditional, Standard and Budget funerals.

We also detail the costs of a Direct Cremation.

You may also be interested in reading more about general disbursement fees, which are paid by us on the family's behalf.

Our ethos as an independent company is to provide honest and complete costs guidance from the first step. We aim to make all prices clear from the outset.

Direct cremation

Direct cremation is one which takes place without a funeral ceremony. No family attend, whether through personal choice or financial preference. John Lennon and David Bowie were in fact directly cremated. We use a local crematorium at a time when the fees are most reasonable.

Direct cremation fees:

  • Our funeral director’s fee for this is £795.00
  • The cremation fee is £499.00
  • If there is no post-mortem, there are doctors’ fees of £164.00

There will be no other charges added to the above. It includes the coffin, collection and care of the deceased and full transportation and staff costs.

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