Funeral plans

Many people wish to provide for their funeral expenses in advance. A funeral prepayment plan is a caring, sensible and cost-effective way to do so. In uncertain times, people want to ensure that essential expenses will be met.

The benefits of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan include:

  • An inflation-proof guarantee of Funeral Director’s charges
  • A guarantee to freeze Funeral Directors’ costs at today’s prices
  • A guarantee that your loved ones will not have to pay anything further towards the Funeral Directors’ services included in your plan.

The funds that you pay into a plan are totally safe and cannot be taken if you happen to need a care home in later life.

Please ask us about our funeral plans as we will be happy to answer any questions. From our experience in the funeral business, the company that we use offers the best return and is the most customer-friendly to deal with.

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