General Disbursement fees

General Disbursement fees are paid by us on the family's behalf.

  • Crematorium fees:
    • St Faith’s/Earlham – £1,060.00
    • Cromer – £915.00
  • Doctor's fees – £164.00 (2 x £82.00)
  • Clergy fees – £190.00 (or Kevin or Ann Cobbold taking the service in place of a Minister or Celebrant for no charge)
  • Cemetery fees – at cost
  • Press announcements – variable based on publication used and content
  • Flowers – prices vary according to tribute chosen
  • Catering fees – variety of flexible menus and prices
  • Orders of service – prices vary according to number of pages and quantity of booklets

Cemetery and burial charges vary greatly, and it is difficult for us to state a specific cost. However, we will make these clear at the time of arrangement.

Generally all Funeral Services and Church Fees are exempt from VAT, except for press notices, floral tributes and catering.

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