Funeral Costs and Funeral Packages

All of our funeral service packages include a coffin in the funeral costs. There are also 'General disbursement fees', which are third party costs paid by Kevin Cobbold Funeral Services on the family's behalf.

Funeral Costs and Funeral Packages

Every funeral director must show their prices in the format below on their website so that you can easily compare prices.

Please note that Kevin can take the service in place of a celebrant at a crematorium or burial chapel at no charge. (The usual charge for a celebrant is approx. £200.00).

Our price for a standard funeral is £1,695.00 plus third party fees (crematorium/burial fee; doctor's fee).

Our price for a direct cremation (non-attendance) is £795.00 plus third party fees (crematorium fee; doctor's fee).

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Our Funeral Packages

Our Standard Funeral Service funeral package includes the following:
  • The provision of the Funeral Director’s services and attending to all necessary arrangements
  • The removal of the deceased to our Chapel of Rest with visits at any time
  • Care and preparation of the deceased and dressing in own clothes or a gown
  • An oak or elm veneered coffin
  • Supply of a hearse and bearers calling via a chosen address to a local crematorium or burial site
  • Receiving and administering charitable donations providing a list of donors
Standard funeral charge: £1,695.00 + disbursement fees

Direct Cremation is one which takes place without a funeral ceremony - details of the funeral package are below.

  • No family attend
  • Funeral director’s fee (includes coffin) £795
  • Cremation fee £499
  • Doctors' fees (these are statutory if there is no post-mortem) £164

Direct Cremation charge: £1,294.00
plus £164.00 doctor fees (if there is no post-mortem)

N.B. There are no disbursement charges to be added to this.

This is the total cost of a Direct Cremation.

General Disbursement Fees

Crematorium Fees

St Faith’s/Earlham: £1,060.00

Colney Wood: £795.00

Doctors' fees: £82.00 These are charged if there is no post-mortem

Clergy fees: £199.00 (or Kevin Cobbold can take the service for no charge)

Disbursement Fees for a Burial

Cemetery and burial charges vary greatly and it is difficult for us to state a specific cost.

However, we will make these clear at the time of arrangement.

Funeral Services are exempt from VAT, except for press notices, floral tributes and catering.

Optional Services

We can also offer a range of optional services which include:

  • Press Announcements
  • Flowers
  • Catering

We also offer pre-paid funeral plans if you would like to plan ahead and save your family the worry of funeral costs.