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The Biology of Grief

Scientists know that the intense stress of grieving can affect the body in various ways, but much remains a mystery. When someone you love dies, experts have a pretty good sense of the path that grief takes through the mind, … Read More

How to help people who are feeling suicidal

Suicide is the leading cause of death in men aged under 50. I listened to a podcast by Professor Alice Roberts recently and the advice was so practical I thought I’d share it here. If you feel that someone you … Read More

What is a Direct Cremation?

There is a lot of confusion around the term ‘direct cremation’. Many people believe this to be a new innovation when in fact, direct cremation has existed from the earliest days when a modern form of cremation was introduced to … Read More

What is a ‘Green Funeral’?

What is a ‘Green Funeral’? There is no one clear definition of what constitutes a ‘green funeral’ but in recent years we have seen a notable increase in families choosing to add in or request more sustainable elements to the … Read More

Funeral Plans now protected by the Financial Conduct Authority

The Financial Conduct Authority has taken on supervision of the funeral planning market, which means that all funeral plan companies and those involved in selling and delivering funeral plans are required to meet high standards. We are pleased to confirm … Read More

Pure Cremation Television Advertising

The information being given in the saturation of advertising by the company ‘Pure Cremation’ on daytime TV needs some clarification. What they are selling is a ‘direct cremation’ which every independent funeral director already offers. However, what ‘Pure Cremation’ doesn’t … Read More

Calls to end needless bureaucracy for the bereaved

Bereaved families are facing bureaucratic barriers, unsympathetic customer service staff and lengthy delays when trying to close the accounts of a deceased relative. A report found that some customers’ accounts were accruing charges for weeks after their death. And some … Read More

Thoughts on an expected death

Expected Death ~ When someone dies, the first thing to do is nothing. Don’t run out and call the nurse. Don’t pick up the phone. Take a deep breath and be present to the magnitude of the moment. There’s a … Read More

Are funerals back to normal?

The current limits on numbers of people who can attend weddings, funerals and other life events will end on July 19. Changes announced include: – The removal of all restrictions on funerals – The lifting of the requirement to wear … Read More

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