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What questions should I ask a Funeral Director?

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What questions should I ask when choosing a funeral director?

The following questions will help you to decide whether or not you are dealing with a professional, competent funeral director or not. The reasons given for asking them are given in italics afterwards.

What qualifications are held by the person arranging the funeral? It is a little known fact that currently people operating as funeral directors do not need to be qualified! It is really important to find out if the people organising such an important event know what they are doing.

How long has that person been a funeral director? Experience is so important so that everything is as perfect as it can be for your loved one. Lack of experience really shows and can lead to hitches and problems that you really should not have to encounter.

Do you switch to a call centre in the evenings and at weekends or does a member of your staff take the call? You might think you are ringing a funeral home up the road out of office hours, but your call has probably been transferred to a call centre in the West Midlands or Southern England who know nothing about your loved one’s funeral.