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Comparing Funeral Director Prices

Three months’ notice has been given for all funeral directors to display a standardised price list at their premises and on their website. Funeral directors and crematorium operators must make prices clear for customers or risk court action, the Competition … Read More

Is embalming necessary?

Do you agree that embalming is often unnecessary and is more often than not carried out to benefit funeral directors practically and financially? Embalming is an invasive procedure involving harsh chemicals. It should only be used if a funeral is … Read More

Funeral Directors’ Facilities and Premises – Questions to ask

Will my loved one stay at one funeral home until the day of the funeral or will they be transported around Norfolk to suit their storage requirements? The public are generally not aware that larger firms do not always have … Read More

What questions should I ask a Funeral Director?

What questions should I ask when choosing a funeral director? The following questions will help you to decide whether or not you are dealing with a professional, competent funeral director or not. The reasons given for asking them are given … Read More

How many mourners are allowed at Norfolk funeral services?

With the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in restrictions on the numbers of mourners allowed at services, you may be wondering how many people to invite. As of last week, these restrictions have been eased somewhat, with different crematoria now allowing different … Read More

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